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 El Dia De Mi Suerte – Short Film (2010)

El Dia De Mi Suerte – Short Film (2010)

Posted by Bryan Bieber on August 18th, 2010 filed in Personal

This is a short film that I shot in Medellin, Columbia for the Feria de las Flores (Festival of the Flower). It was great to experience the columbian culture and views of life. The festival of the flower represents the end of slavery when instead of flowers slaves carried men and women on their backs up steep hills. The festival initially took place during the month of May but was changed to August in 1958 to celebrate the Independence of Antioquia.

10 Responses to “El Dia De Mi Suerte – Short Film (2010)”

  1. joel Says:

    Nice job…

    Plays really well on my broadband.

    Also would like to talk w u about a few ideas…..worked on lots of productions.

    local..cville right now.


  2. Bryce Spivey Says:

    Great job. Keep it up my friend.

    Let me know if you’re interested in partnering on some projects. Feel free to send me a message on vimeo or shoot me an email.

    I’m a rising producer from Richmond. Just this past June I was in Honduras for a month, shooting a documentary I’m independently producing about a trip MCV school of Medicine makes every year. A lot of your pictures in this video remind me of Central America.

    btw, Beautiful colors. What kind of camera did you use?


  3. Bryan Bieber Says:

    Joel – I’ll give you a shout tomorrow – been super busy

    Bryce – Thanks! I’ll shoot you a message. I think I have your email.

  4. Duvan Says:

    Great Stuff Bryan!

  5. Marcus Says:

    I’m loving it! Amazing shots and amazing work my man. This short is nothing less than awesome! I’m back in town this week, clear some time for me so we can meet up.

  6. Bryan Bieber Says:

    My man! Thanks buddy and give me a shout when your in town!

  7. Jessica Says:

    Great job…!! I love it… my country have a lot of beautiful places and nice people, you catch the best view..and you have the ability to play with the colors, the music, the people and you can mix everyting and this is the result, an awesome video.

  8. L T Ricks Says:

    Wow, nice and clean…festival quality absolutely! Funny too. Visually very stunning…

  9. Shona Says:

    This is a beautiful & hysterically funny video; although I didn’t quite get the ending. Very nice job Bryan. I can’t wait to see more.

  10. Milena Says:

    Bryan Congratulations!!! That´s a very beautiful and funny way to see Medellin. Thanks for sharing this with us and showing to the world that Colombia it´s wonderful. Thanks!!

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